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Introducing Karen Braganza | Guest Writer


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I am glad to announce that Karen Braganza is joining The Foodlets Blog as a guest writer. Karen is a long time friend and a serious food lover. She will be writing about her experiences with food in Mumbai.

QnA with Karen...

What's your 1st impression about Foodlets?
Foodlets hits the nail on the head without any long drawn out and pretentious food reviews. For those that appreciate great food, it directs you to the best, without the fuss of having to read endless pages. Simply put, it's a place where you can connect with food lovers and share your experiences.

Describe your food habits in 1 line.
I love to experiment! I'll try most foods without a fuss. We prefer having a balanced diet of meats and veggies though.

Do you cook? Which dishes you like cooking?
Yes. I thoroughly enjoy working with seafood (blame it on my coastal heritage). I like keeping my food simple and bringing out the natural flavors of the ingredients I use.

What is most impressive about Mumbai's food culture?
Mumbai's food culture is an amalgamation of influences from all parts of the country and the world. People embrace new flavors and cuisines and bond over food! Mumbaikars love eating out and most eateries are packed to the rafters on weekends!

If there is 1 dish you are suppose to eat every day for the rest of your life. Which dish will it be?
Don't think I'll be able to do that! I have very diverse tastes. A true Gemini, I love trying different things everyday. Although, if I had to pick a comfort food it would be Fish curry and Rice.

Keep a watch on the blog, Karen's 1st post is coming out soon.


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