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Foodlets officially begins Bangalore Operations


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Here come the monsoons lashing around in frail spells down the coastal lines as I prepare to head-out and map the culinary depths of India’s own Silicon valley – Bangalore

Having meted out a brief spell covering the cuisines diffused into the beautiful topography of Goa – an experience I privilege and wish to re-start in a more free flowing manner upon the dawn of the new tourist season – I hope to use this experience in a much more definite strategy as we descend upon the IT capital.

Born of the land of Goa & having lived here a major part of my life my taste-buds mostly dwelled in the delicacies of the traditional Goan cuisine, quite oblivious to the spectrum of cuisines Goa had to offer. However the Foodlet coverage stint in Goa, has not only left my appetite enlightened but has also given us a deeper insight into the passion and dedication of these amazing people that cook these delicious potions, and their expectations from the multitude they serve. An additive that has strengthened our drive to be the best food centric site online.

Thru Foodlets we strive to capture and present to you visually, the essence of the entire operation and effort undertaken by these cookery wizards in a manner that will not only tease your tongue but will also culminate in a more interactive and fulfilling experience; an experience that may be shared, discussed and relished thru a virtual world.

In conclusion I sincerely appeal to each one of you to help us in building a foodlet friendly world.

Peace & Love
Rohit Barreto


All the best bro!


Wow...i like your post...really well framed...Arlette

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I think this is because Bangalore people will never stop eating out and it is a good news for the people who are running their hotels/restaurants in the city..The boom will never go down..

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