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Beta Release - Foodlets gets Bigger, Better and Faster


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The Foodlets Beta version was released online on 17th April 2011.

Before the beta we hosted a prototype version. The prototype was up for specific reasons
  • To introduce the concept of a visual food guide to food lovers
  • To understand which features/solutions engage users best
  • To show restaurants the product we were building and make them realize how it helps

In short the prototype helped us build a product users wanted instead of us building what we thought they wanted.

The major changes in the beta version are
  • New logo and icons
  • New page layouts and colors
  • New foodlet Polaroids and larger (600*600) images on product pages
  • Easy Navigation. ‘Quick Links’ panel on the right side. Huge footer listing the important links
  • ‘Affirm’ feature. Affirm = I ate this dish and I loved it
  • Auto disappearing Flash Popups for feedback to user actions
  • Faster page downloads through use of Ajax components, compact JS + CSS
  • Plenty of new food from new restaurants :)

Do check the exciting new beta here http://foodlets.in and write to us (feedback) about what you liked and disliked the most. If you are on FB you could answer this question.


cool stuff! keep the good work guys!:) all the best!

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