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Guess the Fake - An April Fools Day Game from foodlets!

Comments (0) | Thursday, March 31, 2011

The April Fools Day challenge from Foodlets! Are you among those people who never get fooled on April Fools Day? Do you think there's nothing that can deceive you? Well then you need to take our Guess the Fake challenge!

You'll be presented with a list of 10 foodlets, some of them are real but don't seem to be real and some of them are fake but it's difficult to tell how. Of course there are hints and if you look closely and apply some of Sherlock Holmes' methods then you won't have any problem!

Get 10/10 and prove that you are not the one to be fooled today!! Play now at http://www.foodlets.in/gtf.

Of course there's a cheat sheet - browse through all foodlets and you'll eventually come across all 10 but then I hope you'd be a good girl/boy and won't cheat.

Here's wishing you luck!

Govind Naroji

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The Foodlets Business Plan Released

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We have been asked by 100s of users, restaurants and media personnel about how we function and how we earn revenue.

Well! Our motivation was clear - to connect food lovers to good food around them. The big question was "What do we sell and how do we make money?".

Following on our tradition of sharing and gaining we decided to release our business plan to the public. Yes! We are actually doing it.

This article was Posted as the April Fool Day's prank.

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Foodlets on Rails

Comments (2) | Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Foodlets engineering team (Govind and I) have been open source enthusiasts since the time we learnt about it. The philosophy of co-creation and sharing has fascinated us and it’s our dream to give back knowledge and working code to the community someday.

We built the Foodlets software entirely using Open Source tools. Ruby on Rails (RoR) has been the most impressive of them all. It keeps surprising us in pleasant ways every now and then, we have fallen in love with the framework. The least we can do for RoR and its community is to share our knowledge and help new users adopt RoR.

This month’s Linux For You (the leading open source magazine in India) published our article titled ‘Rails Plugins’. In this article Govind and I discussed the plugins (Authlogic, Omniauth, Paparclip, Will Paginate and jRails) which made our life easy while building Foodlets.

We have been going around evangelizing for RoR - on 12th Feb we held a workshop at Goa University during their annual techfest Innofest. At the workshop we addressed undergraduate students from about 6 colleges in Goa. We introduced them to the Rails fundamentals and showed them how to build a simple Event Management application using RoR plugins. The working code for the app and a cheetsheet has been shared.

Foodlets itself is based on co-created content and we shall continue our support to co-creation, freedom and knowledge sharing.

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