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Da-Bangda - Create a seafood foodlet today!


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And here's something for Seafood lovers - the da-bangda campaign is on!
We invite all seafoodies to create seafood foodlets. Yes anything that swims - fish, crabs, prawns, shellfish - the works!  

Bangda (a.k.a mackerel) is one of the most popular and easily available fish in the coastal region of the country. 
In Goa we have a number of preparations for bangda - rechad, rava fry, grass baked, curry, udda-methi to name a few. Bangda cutlets are enjoyed best in a bread, bangda pickle is a decent side-dish with a goan fish-curry-rice meal.  

After you create the foodlet edit it and tag it as da-bangda - thats it! It's now a part of the Da-Bangda campaign!

We thank Rohit and Rashmit for helping us create this campaign.
Rohit has been the creative mind and hand behind the artwork, Rashmit is our Salman look-alike on the poster :)

Keep eating seafood, keep creating foodlets and tag them da-bangda.


Love the site design. Very Sleek!

Nice artwork !!! - Arlette

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