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2nd Foodlets Community Meet-up at GEC


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We had the 2nd Foodlets Community Meet-up on 22nd October at Goa College of Engineering (GEC), Farmagudi, Goa.

GEC is our alma mater- the place where we learnt engineering and made many life-long friends. Walking on campus made us nostalgic about the exciting life we had at college more than half a decade ago.

From the Foodlets team we had Govind, Anil, Rima, Devraj and me (Sagar) attending the event.

This time it was a very different setup than our 1st meet-up. CURSOR (the organization for the Computer Science Students at the institution)  had arranged for us to talk on Ruby on Rails at the library seminar hall between 3:00-4:30pm.

Govind and I spoke about the foundations of Rails and the principles on which it is built:
  •     MVC design pattern
  •     Convention over configuration philosophy

After the rails talk we addressed the GEC photography club. We introduced them to the concept of a Visual Food Guide and also explored the possibilities of them engaging with Foodlets.

The auditorium in the ETC department was beautiful and comfortable. Govind and I spoke about the Foodlets project, our motivation and the business plan. Rima chipped in with how she carries out the business development activities. The session was very interactive and we got some valuable feedback including:

  •     Need for Foodlets categories based on Dish Type, Cuisine, Season/Occasion, Meal/Course, Dietary Consideration etc.
  •     Provide a platform to restaurants to engage with users through Facebook and Twitter.
  •     Faceted navigation for Foodlets search.
  •     Ability to specify a price range instead of a price for a Foodlet - this would help users who are not sure of the price.

We were done with the event by 6:30pm. It started raining very heavily outside (unusual October rains in Goa) and we were stalled at the venue waiting for the rains to subside. This gave us a wonderful opportunity to talk with the students informally.

The Foodlets team thanks CURSOR, the faculty members at the Computer Science department and the GEC Photography Club for making this meetup possible.


congratulations for a gr8 start...looking forward to attend community meetup in Bangalore.

Thanks Niket.
A few more months and we shall have the meetup in Bangalore.

Nice effort Sagar. Wish you inspire more minds and become a role model.

Thanks Prasanna.
We at foodlets are passionate about entrepreneurship and want to encourage others to get started too, but the role model thing looks beyond my reach :)

hey sagar.. nice to see you speak about your startup... good luck !!!

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