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Dinner Etiquettes - 1990 vs 2010

Comments (1) | Thursday, September 30, 2010

Times have changed indeed! From the fan art submissions for www.foodlets.in

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Tom tells you how to create a foodlet!

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Today Rifa created a video of Talking Tom giving instructions on how to create a foodlet. It was created using the Talking Tom App for the Ipad.

I say if Tom can create a foodlet then anyone can do it!

Of course Tom doesn’t do anything for free - we had to give him a glass full of Badam Milk for the favor! :)

Checkout the video on facebook.

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First Foodlet Community Meetup at Miramar

Comments (1) | Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We had the 1st Foodlets Community Meetup at Cafe Coffee Day, Miramar, Goa on Sunday, September 5, 2010. A beautiful evening and the cafe along the beach - no other place could have been better than this!

It was a pretty informal affair as we broke the ice among attendees and showcased the prototype that we had put online a couple of days back. It was also the first time most of the attendees had met each other. We were in communication over facebook and the foodlets google group for over a month till then.

Sagar giving a demo of the foodlets prototype.

The attendees at the meetup were:

  • Gautam Naroji
  • Govind Naroji
  • Ashish Kamat
  • Mrs. Kamat
  • Refa D’Costa
  • Rima D’Costa
  • Navin Pai
  • Nitesh Seth
  • Debapriyo Sarkar
  • Sagar Arlekar

We started out with introductions. This was followed by a demo of the foodlets prototype by Sagar. This was an interactive session with feedback being provided by Ashish, Debapriyo and others.

The discussions that followed were around the following topics:

  1. UI and tabbed menus (Ashish)
  2. Rating system for promoting good food (Debapriyo)
  3. Need connect with Facebook feature to complement the user registration and login. (Debapriyo)
  4. Need a Facebook page so that we can start gathering some momentum before going live. (Ashish)
  5. How to handle multiple submissions for a particular food item (Rima, Debapriyo and others)
  6. Process for rejection of objectionable content (Rima)
  7. Potential role of the GEC Photography Club in foodlets and our interaction with it (Navin)

Side conversations were allowed :) - Govind engaged in a discussion with Debapriyo and Nitesh, while Refa and Rima smile for a pic.

We then discussed the process of how contributors can get started.

We had a fruitful meetup even though the beach which was just 100mts away was distracting and the background music at CCD was a bit loud for us to converse comfortably.

Next time we plan to have the meetup at a bigger venue and address a bigger audience.

At 7pm almost everyone had dispersed, but a few of us (Govind, Sagar, Gautam and Nitesh) headed to the road side stalls at Miramar beach for some awesome chicken shawarma , shev poori and pav bhaji. Check the foodlets on the site to see the  delicacies we feasted upon :)

From left to right - Rima D’Costa, Mrs. Kamat, Ashish Kamat, Sagar Arlekar.

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Foodlets prototype is now online

Comments (0) | Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We have put a basic prototype for Foodlets online at www.foodlets.in

Do have a look at it.

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