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The Ghajini Way vs The Foodlets Way

Comments (0) | Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Use Foodlets to keep a track of your favorite food and restaurants. Click here to know more.

Thanks to Karthik Chandapur for the wonderful graphic.

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Martins Corner, Goa

Comments (8) | Friday, November 12, 2010

9 October 2010

Martins Corner is a popular restaurant in Goa known over 21 years for good food, hospitality, ambiance, and great entertainment (music and karaoke).

Martins Corner is located at a cozy corner in Betalbatim. I reached the place at around 8:30 pm
and was welcomed by Mr. Bonny Pereira. The place was packed with Saturday revelers.
Bonny gave me a quick tour of Martins Corner and Martins Comfort (the resort) . Bonny told me that the restaurant was started by his dear father late Mr. Martin Pereira in 1989 with four tables and his mother Mrs. Carafina Pereira dishing out the Goan Cuisine. Even today the masala used in the dishes is prepared by Mrs. Pereira and the chef do the cooking. Hence, all the dishes served here have a mother's touch!

This place is famous for its sea food, you can choose your own fresh sea food, which is displayed before you to select. A must eat at martins corner is Crab Masala and Lobster.

The place is frequently visited by celebrities - Hollywood and Bollywood film Stars and Cricketers. Sachin Tendulkar visits Martins Corner every time he is in Goa. Sachin's favorite dish, King Crab is named after Sachin on the menu.

Next Bonny took me to the Wall of Fame where they have displayed more than a hundred photos of celebrities who have visited Martins Corner.

After being shown around the place, I got down to business - taking snaps for foodlets. I positioned myself at a table just at the entrance of the kitchen. Martins Corner is a very busy place on Saturday's - I just got about 5 seconds to click a snap of the food before it was served. Over the next one hour I managed to click around 40 snaps. Bonny was kind enough to give me some more photos which were taken for their website.

I left the place at around 9:30 pm, happy to have covered one of the most popular restaurants in Goa.

Martin's Corner Official website: http://martinscornergoa.com

Martin's Corner at foodlets: http://www.foodlets.in/restaurants/59

Rima D'costa

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Delhi Darbar, a treat for the Mughlai cuisine lover!

Comments (433) | Friday, October 29, 2010

Do you love Mughlai cuisine? Does your idea of a feast include Kebabs, Koftas and Kulfis? Then you better head to Delhi Darbar at Panaji, Goa. Awaiting you is a scrumptious feast fit for a Mughal!

Armed with a camera, Gautam visited Delhi Darbar last week to capture the delicacies available there for Foodlets. He was greeted by a hefty looking darban at the entrance and an enticing poster promising a Kebab Festival.
Mr. Shetty, the Manager quickly escorted Gautam to the kitchen and he was soon ready to click the snaps.

Over the next 2 hours Mr. Ram Adhikari, the Chef belted out dish after dish for both Indian and foreign patrons and Gautam frantically took photos of some 4 dozen North Indian, Punjabi, Mughlai and Chinese dishes. Yes, for those who are are not very fond of the North Indian fare - you do have options!
At the end of his assignement, Gautam was served some delicious Biryani and coke! Yes, working for foodlets has many such fringe benefits ;).

Checkout Delhi Darbar on foodlets - it is a sight that will make your mouth water!

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2nd Foodlets Community Meet-up at GEC

Comments (6) | Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We had the 2nd Foodlets Community Meet-up on 22nd October at Goa College of Engineering (GEC), Farmagudi, Goa.

GEC is our alma mater- the place where we learnt engineering and made many life-long friends. Walking on campus made us nostalgic about the exciting life we had at college more than half a decade ago.

From the Foodlets team we had Govind, Anil, Rima, Devraj and me (Sagar) attending the event.

This time it was a very different setup than our 1st meet-up. CURSOR (the organization for the Computer Science Students at the institution)  had arranged for us to talk on Ruby on Rails at the library seminar hall between 3:00-4:30pm.

Govind and I spoke about the foundations of Rails and the principles on which it is built:
  •     MVC design pattern
  •     Convention over configuration philosophy

After the rails talk we addressed the GEC photography club. We introduced them to the concept of a Visual Food Guide and also explored the possibilities of them engaging with Foodlets.

The auditorium in the ETC department was beautiful and comfortable. Govind and I spoke about the Foodlets project, our motivation and the business plan. Rima chipped in with how she carries out the business development activities. The session was very interactive and we got some valuable feedback including:

  •     Need for Foodlets categories based on Dish Type, Cuisine, Season/Occasion, Meal/Course, Dietary Consideration etc.
  •     Provide a platform to restaurants to engage with users through Facebook and Twitter.
  •     Faceted navigation for Foodlets search.
  •     Ability to specify a price range instead of a price for a Foodlet - this would help users who are not sure of the price.

We were done with the event by 6:30pm. It started raining very heavily outside (unusual October rains in Goa) and we were stalled at the venue waiting for the rains to subside. This gave us a wonderful opportunity to talk with the students informally.

The Foodlets team thanks CURSOR, the faculty members at the Computer Science department and the GEC Photography Club for making this meetup possible.

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Da-Bangda - Create a seafood foodlet today!

Comments (3) | Monday, October 18, 2010

And here's something for Seafood lovers - the da-bangda campaign is on!
We invite all seafoodies to create seafood foodlets. Yes anything that swims - fish, crabs, prawns, shellfish - the works!  

Bangda (a.k.a mackerel) is one of the most popular and easily available fish in the coastal region of the country. 
In Goa we have a number of preparations for bangda - rechad, rava fry, grass baked, curry, udda-methi to name a few. Bangda cutlets are enjoyed best in a bread, bangda pickle is a decent side-dish with a goan fish-curry-rice meal.  

After you create the foodlet edit it and tag it as da-bangda - thats it! It's now a part of the Da-Bangda campaign!

We thank Rohit and Rashmit for helping us create this campaign.
Rohit has been the creative mind and hand behind the artwork, Rashmit is our Salman look-alike on the poster :)

Keep eating seafood, keep creating foodlets and tag them da-bangda.

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This is how we use foodlets!

Comments (1) | Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our good friend Anil has created another comic for foodlets.

Anil has been Foodlet's foremost evangelist and has been spreading the good word among friends and family. Over a period of two weeks, he interacted with more than 2 dozen people and asked them how they see themselves using a service like foodlets.
He created this comic based on the response.

(click on the button on the bottom-right to scroll)

Thank you Anil!

Now it's your turn to tell us - How are 'you' using foodlets?

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Sonu vs Monu

Comments (3) | Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Today we received some awesome fan art from Anil Salgaonkar. It's a comic based on 2 friends - Sonu and Monu.

Moral of the story: Start using foodlets or else you might end up like Monu :)

If you got something interesting for us kindly email it to mail@foodlets.in

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Announcing the Batch Upload feature for multiple foodlets creation

Comments (3) | Monday, October 4, 2010

Today we have released an exciting new feature for foodlets - ‘Batch Upload for multiple foodlets creation’. Usually people take more than one picture of food dishes when they are dining out and it used to take a considerable amount of time to create foodlets for a batch of such photos - no more! Now you can upload upto 5 photos at the same time.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Click on the Create button.
  2. Click on the ‘batch create’ link (http://www.foodlets.in/foodlets/new_batch)
  3. Attach the food photos you wish to upload
  4. Hit ‘Create’

The photos uploaded will be listed as Unpublished Foodlets in you profile
Profile > My Unpublished Foodlets
Click on a foodlet, fill in the details and your foodlet will be published. Now the world can see what you ate.

 You can now create up to 5 foodlets at a time.

The foodlets prototype was put online on 1st Sept. We have been working hard since then on the software development, the business development and the most vital aspect - building a community!

The following is the list of some of the feature we have implemented or fixed.
  1. Suggestive text in search box
  2. Page title - now the page titles are representative of the content of the page
  3. Added 1 line foodlet description feature
  4. Added tooltip for images
  5. City filter for search and browse
  6. Max length of foodlet name increased to 60
  7. Batch upload

On the community front we had our 1st Community Meetup on 5th Sept in Goa, here is the post on it http://foodlets.tumblr.com/post/1082483908/first-foodlet-community-meetup-at-miramar

We created a Foodlets page on Facebook to share updates and connect with the Foodlets community on Facebook. Check it out at http://www.facebook.com/foodlets, we already have about 185 LIKEs.

Rima D’costa has signed up as our PR person and she has been talking to restaurants, explaining them the concept of our ‘Visual Food Guide’ and getting feedback from them. So far the response has been impressive, restaurants are willing to work with us to get listed.

Our friends have been contributing with valuable feedback and data. They are talking about foodlets and spreading the word.

We have got a good response so far. And it helps that we are in the business of connecting food lovers to good food - something no one can really complain about :)

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Dinner Etiquettes - 1990 vs 2010

Comments (1) | Thursday, September 30, 2010

Times have changed indeed! From the fan art submissions for www.foodlets.in

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Tom tells you how to create a foodlet!

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Today Rifa created a video of Talking Tom giving instructions on how to create a foodlet. It was created using the Talking Tom App for the Ipad.

I say if Tom can create a foodlet then anyone can do it!

Of course Tom doesn’t do anything for free - we had to give him a glass full of Badam Milk for the favor! :)

Checkout the video on facebook.

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First Foodlet Community Meetup at Miramar

Comments (1) | Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We had the 1st Foodlets Community Meetup at Cafe Coffee Day, Miramar, Goa on Sunday, September 5, 2010. A beautiful evening and the cafe along the beach - no other place could have been better than this!

It was a pretty informal affair as we broke the ice among attendees and showcased the prototype that we had put online a couple of days back. It was also the first time most of the attendees had met each other. We were in communication over facebook and the foodlets google group for over a month till then.

Sagar giving a demo of the foodlets prototype.

The attendees at the meetup were:

  • Gautam Naroji
  • Govind Naroji
  • Ashish Kamat
  • Mrs. Kamat
  • Refa D’Costa
  • Rima D’Costa
  • Navin Pai
  • Nitesh Seth
  • Debapriyo Sarkar
  • Sagar Arlekar

We started out with introductions. This was followed by a demo of the foodlets prototype by Sagar. This was an interactive session with feedback being provided by Ashish, Debapriyo and others.

The discussions that followed were around the following topics:

  1. UI and tabbed menus (Ashish)
  2. Rating system for promoting good food (Debapriyo)
  3. Need connect with Facebook feature to complement the user registration and login. (Debapriyo)
  4. Need a Facebook page so that we can start gathering some momentum before going live. (Ashish)
  5. How to handle multiple submissions for a particular food item (Rima, Debapriyo and others)
  6. Process for rejection of objectionable content (Rima)
  7. Potential role of the GEC Photography Club in foodlets and our interaction with it (Navin)

Side conversations were allowed :) - Govind engaged in a discussion with Debapriyo and Nitesh, while Refa and Rima smile for a pic.

We then discussed the process of how contributors can get started.

We had a fruitful meetup even though the beach which was just 100mts away was distracting and the background music at CCD was a bit loud for us to converse comfortably.

Next time we plan to have the meetup at a bigger venue and address a bigger audience.

At 7pm almost everyone had dispersed, but a few of us (Govind, Sagar, Gautam and Nitesh) headed to the road side stalls at Miramar beach for some awesome chicken shawarma , shev poori and pav bhaji. Check the foodlets on the site to see the  delicacies we feasted upon :)

From left to right - Rima D’Costa, Mrs. Kamat, Ashish Kamat, Sagar Arlekar.

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Foodlets prototype is now online

Comments (0) | Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We have put a basic prototype for Foodlets online at www.foodlets.in

Do have a look at it.

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Anatomy of a foodlet

Comments (0) | Friday, July 2, 2010

Anatomy of a foodlet.

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